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Course C1: Health Research Skills

Sample Module: introduction to Modules and Courses

Password-protected access for students and tutors

The course modules take the student sequentially through the research process: from formulating a health-related research question to the stage of preparing a research protocol.

Who is this course designed for?
This course is suitable for:

The course is of particular relevance to professionals who are trained (or are still training) in medicine, nursing, and the professions allied to medicine.

What are the entry requirements?
There are no formal entry requirements for this course. Please note that the number of students who can register for each course is limited by the availability of tutor support. Interested students are, therefore, encouraged to apply early.

Course objectives
To enable students to:

Learning outcomes
By the end of this course students should be able to:

Course content
The course is divided into twelve modules:

Course materials
Most of the teaching material is published on the CIREM website. This allows students to choose where and when they study. Each student will also receive a course manual, which provides supportive material, details of the course content, guidance notes on the course assignment and contact information for the research and administrative support that are available.

Tuition and student support
Each student will be assigned to a resident tutor for the duration of the course. The tutors are postdoctoral researchers. They can be contacted by students for discussion of the course content and its application to the student's own research ideas.

Course assignment
A number of individual tasks have been prepared that are linked to the course modules. The main assignment of the course, however, is to develop a research protocol. This will be presented by the student in poster format at the end of the course. Practical guidelines and support for poster preparation are provided.

Duration and attendance
This course runs for eight months. Students will be expected to attend three meetings with course tutors and staff. These meetings will provide students with the opportunity to meet their tutor and other students, to discuss the course, and to familiarise themselves with the structure and navigation of the website.

Students who wish to register for the course need to complete the registration form, which is available from the Course Programme Manager. Passwords for access to the online resources will be provided to registered students only. Students will be required to complete a Security Agreement to protect the use of the copyrighted course materials.

For further details and registration forms, contact CIREM.

Sample Module: introduction to Modules and Courses

Password-protected access for students and tutors

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